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I grew up in Whitefish Montana. My Parents had a house on the Whitefish Lake Golf Course. I enjoyed Boating and Golfing during the summers, ski racing in the winters at Big Mountain. I grew up with my older brother and sister, I was the youngest. My mother owned her own Hair Salon and Dad worked on the Railroad. In the summers of my youth, starting at 8, I sold golf balls that I found near our property on the 11th hole, Lakeside 9, Whitefish. I had several Canadian customers. I presented the golf balls for sale in egg boxes. These were some of my fondest childhood memories. During my teenage years, I passionately worked out most everyday at the local Health Club and packed my own healthy meals to school. A lot of my Jock friends made fun of me for it. I played foot- ball all four [4] years of High School. I received an All Conference title and played 1st string in (2) State Championship football games as a linebacker. This taught me team work, discipline and to be positive. After High School, I pursued a career as a Fitness Trainer in Seattle. It brought me to places that I stayed for several months like New York City, California, Miami, Arizona, Costa Rica and Singapore to train clients. At 29 years old, I sold my two [2] homes in Seattle Washington and moved back to Whitefish Montana. A friend and I started a newspaper in 2003 called the Whitefish Free Press. Shortly after a year in circulation, I took over 100% ownership, taking it from a 12 page Black and White to a 34 Page Full Color and into over 180 Valley Wide locations. I Later sold it in 2006. After selling the paper, I immediately signed up for the Army’s Infantry Unit for a 2 year contract in 2007, in a time of War. I did this to get some sort of understanding of the war as a real Soldier. I requested a deploying Unit when starting my Military career and ended up in Korea then Texas. In 2009. In Texas, I won 1st Place in the U.S. Forces, West Texas Bodybuilding contest. This was an Army Sponsored event and my enlistment was soon up. I ended my military career on a very healthy note. Post my Military Career, I attended Media and Digital Art School at the University of Hawaii Lee- ward. I used my 911 G.I Bill. The campus was located on the North Shore Side of the Island of Oahu. After two years in Hawaii I left the Islands and started a Digital Media Business in Whitefish, Montana. I started painting in spring of 2015 basic landscape scenes of Whitefish and surrounding area. I enjoy painting and is what I am meant to do.

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